5 tips to keeping your passwords secure.

With everyday grows another application that recquires another password and with so many passwords we can get lazy and start using the same one over and over again.  Here are some simple things you can do to help keep yourself secure.  

  1. When creating a new password try to make it at least 12 characters long.  When we say "characters" we mean that you should use the other symbols on your keyboard such as "@ $ } - ( *"   To make it easy to remember you should use 3 four letter words.  Ex:  tacojoshhunt.  Use this new password and add symbols to it like so.  Ex:  T@c0Jo$hHun7.  Now you do not have to get all crazy but you should have at least one capital letter, one symbol and one number.  
  2. You should use completely different passwords for different things.  Like one password for your social media accounts, another password for random websites, and something much more secure for websites like your banking and emails.  
  3. It is OK to write your passwords down.  Have a small sheet of paper with all your email log ins and passwords to everything.  Take that piece of paper and hide it, put it in a safe or in your closet and only bring it out when you need to remember a password.  
  4. Try to not let anyone watch over your shoulder while you are entering your passwords.  You never know who may be lurking next to you.  
  5. Try to never log into websites on computers you do not know or do not trust.  If you know that your family friends constantly has viruses and he wants you to log into your E-bay account so that you can order something for him, avoid that situation and just go to your own personal computer.