Desktop, Laptop, PC, and Macbook Repair

Yes we repair everything!  From complicated custom builds.  To Apple Macbook pros, airs, and I-macs.  To desktops that you bought from Best-buy or any other store.  There is almost nothing that we wont or can not fix.  If you think that your computer is acting weird or maybe you just want someone's expert opinion just stop on by!  We do free analysis. 

Now what does this mean?

Well you can bring your computer in and talk with a Reno Computer Fix technician and we can give you a accurate quote or give you some information on what is going wrong with your desktop or laptop.  From there we can devise a plan on how to either repair your computer, get your data back, or where to buy a new or used computer.  

We love the challenge!  Bring computer in for a free diagnosis!