Why we need SEO and Internet Marketing

So lets talk about what is SEO and why does your business need it?  As we all know the internet plays a huge role in not only our daily lives but it can also make or break our business.  

Back in the day you use to hear "location location location"  When it came to wanting to start your own business.  Well guess what,  Google can be one of those locations that we can take advantage of.  People every day search things on Google.  About 3.5 BILLION searches every day.  People are looking for something, wanting to learn about something or want to go somewhere.  So why should your local business not be seen on Google?  It should!  

If you would like to see some more information on just how large Google is and how many searches go through their servers check this link out!   

If you are like me.  You track how you get every customer.  You ask how they heard about you where they came from and who did they talk to. To learn about your business and the people coming to it.  Every day people are learning where to go and who is the best in town when it comes to things like mechanics, web designers, dentists, lawyers and every other profession you can think of.  So why not use Google as a tool to get people to your place?  You found this website through google probably!  

Why did I get into SEO services?  I love competition and I love computers.  I love making websites from the ground up or taking someones website and helping them change it so that it can out rank their local competition.  I also love just helping business's get more business!  To take someones place that they call their own and help them bring it up and get it ranked on Google so others can see it and enjoy it is an awesome feeling! 

Who am I?


I am Hunter!  I have been working at UPS and a local computer repair store.  During my time I found out about this crazy thing called Internet marketing and SEO and I became glued to my computer trying to learn everything and anything I could.  I spent and still spend hours and hours of researching how to better websites and how to help people reach their goals with their business.  I love the every changing entity that is Google and learning how it works.  

Of course Google is smart and is always changing and I make sure I stay on top of these things so that when they make a change or add something that can make your website better.  You need someone who loves to learn, and that is me!  I spent my days at the computer repair store doing nothing but learning.  Every day was a new puzzle and a new computer.  
When I worked at UPS I was going to school and always trying to learn new and exciting things. I was going to school and picking up jobs that would constantly challenge me making sure that I grew as a person.  

One of my favorite quotes is "If you were not embarrassed of the person you were a year ago, you did not grow"  Ever since I read that, it hit me like a truck.  I make sure that I constantly learn and challenge myself.  Making sure that when a year has gone by I look at the year before me and I can be embarrassed of myself because I knew that I could have learned that faster or learned it sooner!  I make sure I push myself every day.  Day in and day out.  Making sure my clients and friends get the best possible website and results.  

So what is SEO?

So lets talk about my specialty. SEO.  What is SEO?   Well SEO stands for 'search engine optimization.  In order for your website to be seen or even recognized by places like Google, Yahoo, AOL, and Bing it has to be optimized.  
What is 'optimizing'  Well this is a very broad subject and there are many aspects of optimizing ones not only website but their online and social media presence as well!  

Everything ties together like a puzzle.  Not only does your website have to look and read well but you have to have social media accounts that work with your website.  Not only because we can get more of a out reach. But because search engines like to see that you are constantly updating yourself and helping people on different aspects of the web.  If you decide to give me a call we can sit down, have a coffee or a bit of lunch and go over your website together and see what you are not only doing wrong but what you are doing right.  We will focus on your strengths first and use those to our advantage and than work on where we need some help.

Internet Marketing in Reno, Carson City, Lake Tahoe, and the Sparks area.  What is it and how to do it.


Typically there are 4 types of Internet marketing strategies that we can apply to have not only a successful website but a successful business as well!  

Social Media Presence, Blogging, Content Marketing, and SEO (Front end and back end)  We can talk about all of these over the phone, through Skype, or in person.  But lets go over it a little bit so you can understand what it is, how it works.  So you can see how this is going to help your local business!  

Social Media Presence -  We all know that social media plays a huge role in our lives.  Whether we want to update our friends and family about where we are or talk to relatives across the country.  We can even use it to plan dates, special events, get people rallied together and a whole lot more.  So how do we use it to make your business better?  

Well we use it to connect.  I understand the importance of connecting with your customers.  To give them a call send them a email, say thanks for coming in.  As humans we love social interactions and now this does two things for us.  One, that customer likes us even more and will probably be back again and secondly they will probably tell their friends about you because of the connection we have made with them.   
Now this is just a couple of things that you can do with social media that make a huge impact on your customers and business.  These are even things you can start today and begin seeing a difference!  

Content Marketing - What is this and why do we need it.  Well it is super simple.  If we are going to try and run some sort of ad campaign we need to know who we are targeting.  We can try and target our own city.  We can even target people in others countries.  But we need to know where are our customers are coming from and how can we get more.  If I was a skateboard company I would not try and run a ad on Google for people who are looking up for new perfumes.  Unless!  Those people looking for perfumes were also skateboarders.  We need to understand not only our customer and what they are looking for but we also need to know how to market those people to come into your store.  Just another thing I have been doing for some time and you do not need to worry or learn about.  Because you have me to help guide and teach you.  

SEO - My main specialty and love.  Is by looking over a website and really understanding how it works and how it can work better.  I love building websites not only for my customers, that is half the battle.  The other half is giving your customer free information or giving your client, customer, friend, neighbor a solution to their problem.  How to help the people in your business.  Now of course ALL of this has to deal with SEO and I enjoy it all.  

Blogging -  Now this is probably the hardest step for most people.  Not because blogging is hard.  But because it needs to be a habit and as we all know habits are not only hard to break but hard to create as well.  How many people make new years resolutions and break them very quickly?  I would say a large number.  The reason I like making 1 to 3 month contracts is because as we work together.  You will be creating good habits for your business that will stick.  I will be there helping you and pushing you to be better.  
Remember we want to give not answers to our customers, but solutions.  We want to solve people's problems.  We can create an awesome community of information and support through blog posting!  

With me on your side I can help not only do these for you but I can help teach you along the way so you can do them too!  

Lets talk a little bit about the type of SEO I do and the other types of Internet marketing techniques that we can take advantage of.

Organic and White hat SEO-  This is where I take your website and grow it.  We take what we are doing right and keep doing that.  We than see where we need to do some work and begin to fix things.  How are search engines seeing your website.  Do they see it in a positive, negative or neutral light?  Are you even on them and if not how can we get you in there!  I love organic SEO because I enjoy helping people build a website that becomes a hub for people to come to and learn.  

PPC(pay-per click) or Facebook ads-  This is another style of internet marketing where I can help you create advertisements on the internet.  We can place them in local areas or areas where we see your traffic coming so people can click on your website and become customers!  We are basically stream lining our business.  Instead of taking weeks if not months waiting for our website to get ranked locally.  We can get your new or old business seen the very next day!  

Social Marketing-  We either love it or hate it.  But like Google,  people spend hours and hours on it each day.  This is just another tool in our arsenal to help not only rank websites but again out reach to our customers and bring them into your business!

Want to watch a short video that can maybe explain what is SEO a little bit better than I can?  Click play down below!

Reno, Sparks, Carson CIty, & Lake Tahoe Responsive Web Design

Can I make you a website?  Yes!  I can and I will make sure it is responsive!   Now what is a responsive website?  

Responsive just means that it changes from desktop to tablet to mobile.  Have you ever been to a webpage or website on your phone and the whole website is super small and you have to zoom in?  Here let me show you... 


If you look at the above image you can see how on tablet it does not look so bad however when you go over to your phone you can see how hard it is to view and see the website.  Now let me show you what a responsive web-site looks like. 


As you can see, the website moves and changed depending on what kind of device you are on.  See how much more pleasing it would be to view your website when it is responsive and will actually work with your cell phone?  We will make sure that your website will always be responsive and can be seen on any and all devices!  

different types of websites for different types of people

There are many ways I can create you a website.  We can utilize different types of websites for different people.  Sometimes we need something a little bit more customize-able and some people need something more simple.  Again I want to leave you with a website that when you and I are done working together you can go in and change.  I want to you to be able to do everything yourself so that you can take over and know how to do it all yourself!  So some people need something really easy to use and looks clean as well and that is where square space comes into play!  

Others need something a little bit more customize-able and we can utilize word-press to create your website.  It can be a little bit more daunting in the start for the normal person but with some training and YouTube we can get you on track with how to be able to update your website! 

Some need a website built from the ground up.  One piece of code at a time.  

Out of these three options I am sure we can find something that not only suits you but helps your business grow!  

You may have heard about a free website called Wix.   Let me tell you why I do not use them and why you should not either.  Mainly they look cheap.  They are poorly optimized, slow, and they plaster their own  name all over your own website!  Your site should be about you and not a huge advertisement for someone else.  They are also known for just taking websites down  and not giving a reason as to why.  How horrible would that be... To wake up one day and have your whole website gone and all of its content. So even if you do not hire me, please stay away from Wix websites!  

want some awesome free tips?  well here are 5 tips that you can today to help your website's seo and web presence!

  1. Make sure your title description has what you do in it ‘computer repair’ ‘plumbing repair’ whatever it is that you do add it.  You need people to know what it is that you do.  Most of the time other business’s do not care and just add their name.  Well if your name is “john smiths repair” how do people know what you do?  Change it.  Make your title tag say “Local Laptop Repair”
  2.  Next thing you need to do is add a call to action inside your title tag as well as your description.  Next to lap top repair put “call now for free analysis” or something free.  Maybe a free phone call a free diagnosis, create something free.  So that when people are looking at the top 10 pages in google your name stands out in their head because you are instantly giving them information you are giving them something free. 
  3. Next thing you need to do if you have google reviews go and answer them or respond.  Google like to se that you are interacting with your customers.  If you have 3 go say thank you if you have 300 sit down and go say thank you. 
  4.  If you have no google reviews go get some!  Call up people you know in the last week that you have worked with who have had an awesome experience and just ask them to leave you a review.  If they do not want to ask family and friends.  Have them all go on there and talk about how awesome you and your product/service are.  This is not cheating.   A review can not only be a review on the business, but the employees, the owner, the product, the services, anything and everything.  If you know someone get them to write you a review and go answer them by saying thank you.
  5. Do you not have a google business page?  Well you better go make one.  There is a huge difference when Google sees you as a business rather than a website on the internet.  You instantly gain credibility in your local area and you can within your google business account help tell google about your business and have google label you where you want to be.  Whether it is under computer repair, plumbing, or anything else !

If you would like another five awesome tips and get some awesome screen shots please sign up for my email list!  Where you will get your freer PDF with 5 more tips as well as picture to help guide you through everything!  and as always you can contact me or join my Facebook group and ask questions!  

how much is it and how much do I charge?

How much do I charge?  Well it really depends.  Some people need a lot of work and some people need just a small amount of work.  If you give me a call or send me an email I can take a look at your website or your business and give you a quote.  But typically I like to put people on three month contracts.  If you would like to send me a email go ahead and use the form box below to send me a question!  Please be as informative as you can.  Thank you!    

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wanna give me a call?

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website audit

I do website audits.  I charge $300.00 dollars for one and we can sit down over a cup of coffee or we can do it over skype.  We can go through your website page by page and each of your social media accounts and I will tell you what you are doing right and what you may be doing wrong.  So that you can fix those issues on your own.  You should not have to spend days and months learning about SEO.  Why not just skip the studying and ask someone who already knows? 

Still want some more information?  Check out these cool infographs on SEO!