The Promise of Reno Computer Fix 

Is to offer the highest level of customer satisfaction.  It is a promise to offer a fast, friendly, and fun experience to each customer.  It is our obligation to the community to be a resource of knowledge, to never charge for a virus scan, and to always offer a FREE ANALYSIS.  We stand behind this promise with our NO RISK agreement, and our REPAIR IT, REPLACE IT, OR REFUND IT GUARANTEE.

reno computer fix pricing

Free Analysis

We are proud to offer Over-the-Counter Free analysis. This means that you will know exactly how much your repair is going to cost before we do any work. This is your chance to get a professional's opinion without paying a professional's fee.

reno computer fix pricing

Flat rate Pricing

Hourly rates are NO FUN and can sometimes end up costing more than your computer is worth. With our flat rate pricing it is easy to decide if the repair is worth the cost. We understand that you like money as much as we do and we do everything that we can to make sure that your decision is the right one before we do any work.

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In house Services

We can do many things in-house, like screen repair, windows re-installation, virus scans and virus clean ups. As well as data trasnfer and a multitude of other services. Please check our Services page for more info or give us a call!

reno computer fix remote services

Remote Services for Personal PCs

Computers are like cars. They are machine that we use daily to make our life a little bit easier. They need upkeep just like your vehicle. Let us be the mechanic of your personal computer. Come check out HERE for more information.

reno business remote support

Remote Services for Business's

In this day and age our business rely on technolgy. When our point of sale computer goes down so do our sales. Having a reliable technician support team is as valuable as your employees. Let us help you keep up and running. Click HERE for more information.

reno computer fix blog

Free Knowledge

We believe that knowledge should be free! Your computer should not be a rubik's cube puzzle. Here you can find helpful articles that will make using your computer a little bit easier and maybe learn some new in the meantime! Travel over HERE to read some cool articles written by our techs!


Macbook Repair

Yes! We fix Macbooks Pros and Airs and their stand alone desktops, all in ones. We do not fix Iphones... yet! But please stop by the highest rated repair shop in Reno and Sparks. We offer free anylsis and do not do hourly rates.

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Contact Us

f you would like to contact us in any way please feel free to call us.

Phone Number: 775-996-0212

If you would like to find us a different route please head over to our contact page.


Used Computers for Sale!

Yes! We sell used and refurbished computers! They are all backed by our 1year hardware guarantee! (Except Hard Drives) As long as you do not drop kick it we will repair it!


Data Recovery

Reno Computer Fix has Partnered with data recovery to give our customers the best chance at recovering their lost files! If you are looking to get lost files off of a hard drive,