apple macbook repair in reno 


Macbook Pro Repair 

We repair macbook pros.   We do motherboard repair as well as hardware swaps and upgrades.  We also fix and replace broken Macbook Pro LCD's and Screens.  

Macbook Air Repair

We repair Mac book airs as well.  We do motherboard repair as well as hardware swaps and upgrades.  We also fix and replace broken Macbook Air LCD's and Screens.

Imac Repair

We repair Imac's.  We also do analysis on broken Imacs if they are not working properly.  

Apple Products Repair - Common types of Repair

We repair all kinds of Apple products except their cellphones.  

Broken LCD Screen 

If you drop your macbook on the ground.  Or you drop something on your macbook and crushes the screen.  You can come to us and we can give you a quote on the cost of a new screen and replacement labor for you.  

Water Damaged Macbook Repair

If you happen to spill coffee, tea, beer, or anything liquid on your laptop or desktop we can try to repair it.  We will tear apart your computer and wash it down.  Water is not the damage of most computers, its actually the rust that will fry the machine out.  We will wash the parts of your computer down and dry them off.  Over and over hoping to get all of the rust and water off.  

Apple Hard Drive Failure

We have tools that allow us to test hard drives.  We can tell you if your hard drive is failing or about to fail.  We also have tools for data recovery.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not.  But we can at least tell you if we can save your photos and videos.  If you hard drive has a complete failure and does not work at all we can order you a new one and install it as well as install Mac OS. 

Track Pad Replacement

If you happen to break your track pad (the thing you use to move your mouse) We can help fix it or replace it by ordering you a new one.  

Macbook Pro and Air Battery Replacement

Like in so many laptops, their batteries go bad.  Apple Macbooks are no exception.  We can help with figuring out if you need a new battery, how much they are going to cost, and how to repair it.  

Fan Repair and Replacement for Apple Macbooks

If you hear a crunchy or loud sound coming from your macbook you  may have a bad fan.  Is your macbook getting extremely hot when sitting in your lap watching Netflix?  You may have a bad fan.  We can help you with the ordering and replacing of a brand new one for your macbook.